Code for the person you hate going to the school toilets and masturbating.
"Where's Jimmy?"

"He's going to the toilet."

"Oh, you mean to masturbate"
by SlavicLegs June 24, 2020
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Any receptical that can be used to capture human waste whilst on "the go"
I gotta scrub out my car man, I hit the curb this morning on the way to work and spilled a to go toilet
by BathroomSniper January 18, 2017
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Expression: A phrase used in multiplayer first person shooter games, to exclaim and project someone, most likely another player, as being terrible at the game.

It is used to project that the player who is terrible, may be better at cleaning toilet bowls, since it is usually looked down upon, hence making it clear that the player have came to the lowest of lows. Could be used as satire insult.
Distant relative of the famous expression "git gud".
Dude you are actually really bad
you are so bad haha go clean toilet haha one kill.
by ccphater10 September 29, 2021
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