by namanamanamamm September 23, 2020
Someone or something
OMG that is sooooo Nama
She is definately Nama
That is totally Nama
by AmBeRRRRR March 11, 2009
A word used to describe a person who erks you, is an alternative to using profanity to define an annoying person.

Also, can be used as a curse word, but without actually cursing.

To extend the word, you can also say Nama Cake. Or, can make it plural by adding an 's'.

Pronounced: Na-muh
(That guy stole my nachos! That little Nama!!!)

(Oh, Namas! I'm late!)
by Namacake June 6, 2009
The best person in the world and could never be replaced. She’s brave, courageous, and understanding. She can help you with what ever you want and gets you what ever you want. I love you NaMa ❤️
Hey NaMa can we talk? Of course honey!
by Unknown_definer April 23, 2021
ahi nama:
ahi-nama is cuban slang meaning "here it is/ this is it" - with the suggestion of having reached the best or ultimate, therefore you do not need to look anywhere else. Probably originally from spanish "aqui nada mas".

The phrase is heard in Cuban/salsa music, eg after some great words, music or dancing.

during a song... you can hear someone shout out... Ahi Nama!!!!
You know it is a hot tune. Sonorra Carruseles have a song that uses this phrase repeatedly.
by chiara305 July 19, 2006
a dumb meme used by the earthbound community
“my nama jeff lol xd guys lol im desperate for karma
by animeFan69420666 March 19, 2019