An alternative which is used by many people who do not own phones to take selfies and to post them on social media.
"Guys check out my new instagram post."
"Ew you took it on photobooth?"
"No I didn't..."
by xmancrushmonday November 28, 2016
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Kids hanging out in an Apple store taking photo's of them selves and eachother using the isightcamera and the Photobooth application on the demo computers.
The loud photoboothers were making the genii go crazy
by ipony January 28, 2010
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Possibly one of the most pointless, but fun, apps for a computer. EVER. It uses the built-in camera on an iMac or MacBook to take all sorts of goofy pictures. Not only can you take pictures, you can also do all sorts of goofy distortion effects, and color filters, such as thermal, X-Ray, and comic book.
by Kurt F November 19, 2007
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the process of taking pictures of one on the program "photobooth". Some enjoy doing this for hours on their mac computers.
jenny: hey! accept my video chat invitation!
britney: i can't
jenny: WHY?!?!
britney: because i am photoboothing for myspace
by RYANNN. April 19, 2007
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A person who uses photobooth in public for means of checking one's appearance. Most photobooth consulters attempt to use photobooth in public as if they were in a private situation.
The photobooth consulter quickly command-Qed her photobooth when she realized there were people standing behind her as she examined herself on the screen of her mac.
by erieee November 17, 2009
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One who takes hundreds of pictures with Photobooth with every possible special effect, and every possible facial expression, with the sole intent of uploading photos, which only they think are awesome, to popular social networks.
Person 1: Why did that girl just upload three albums of herself with the thermal effect to Facebook?

Person 2: I don't know, she's just a photobooth whore.
by YouHaveBeenDefined June 13, 2009
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A person who constantly takes pictures of themselves (when they look good) on Photobook and posts them on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
by MadameZuzu April 22, 2011
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