Used by British/Commonwealth Military personnel to target an unknown/hostile combatant
Bravo 3-1, Multiple X-Rays spotted to your north!
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The only other word in the english language even worth mentioning that begins with the letter "X", besides xylophone. "X" is truly the gayest of the letters.
Teacher: Hey kids! What word begins with the letter "X"?

Kids: What the fuck do you think, moron? Fucking X-Ray and Xylophone, bitch!
by Poor boy from a poor family November 28, 2003
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If you don't know the answer to a chemistry question, put "X-ray diffraction"
"How do you determine the electronegativity of an element?"
"X-ray diffraction"

"What's on the test today?"
"X-ray diffraction"

"What's the meaning of life?"
"X-ray diffraction"

When in doubt, X-ray diffraction.
by Eric Guan March 04, 2008
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In the Movie "Freddy got Fingered" Tom Green's Chracter creates a Comic strip with a Crime Fighting Cat in it.
X-Ray Cat was born.
He could see through only wooden doors.
Not much else is said yet very funny
X-Ray Cat:"Im X-Ray Cat,I got super powers.I can see the bad guy behind the door"

Bad Guy: "You cant see me,You cant see me"

X-Ray Cat: "Yes I can,Yes I can"
by MR. DONG April 17, 2006
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Very thin/anorexic female socialite, From Tom Wolfe's Bonfire of the Vanities
Social x-rays embody the notion that "you can't be too rich or too thin"
by Giselle Gardonyi March 16, 2004
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When a woman is silhouetted by light behind her making her clothing see-through and exposing her assets to the world.
At my bar, when a woman walks outside during the day, the sunlight will stream though her clothing and you can see all her stuff. it can be quite excellent. It's called an italian x-ray.
by sal de apio August 28, 2006
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The Spooky Month equivalent to “send nudes”. Typically one would ask for this if they notice a mildly hot-super spicy lookin’ person who has good bone structure(calcium helps).
Dude 1: “Yo, you know that bitch Courtney?”
Dude 2: “Yeah man, what about her?”
Dude 1: “I saw that bitch downing gallons of calcium, I’m sure she’ll send x-rays if you send her the pic ;)
Dude 2: “Damn man, why don’t you ask her for some?!”
Dude 1: “Bruh, you’re a real one for coming up with that!”
by Big Bone Skelebro October 15, 2019
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