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When you put your phone in your pocket and it causes a bulge to appear.
Dude : What's that bulge?
Dude 2 : Phone bonerrr!
by sahgdjsd February 26, 2011
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1. The figurative erection that one gets when they see a new model of cell-phone that they want. This is usually accompanied feelings of pseudo-sexual arousal.

2. The literal 'bulge' that one gets in ones pants from carrying a cell phone in the front pocket of ones jeans. It was more prevalent 5 to 10 years ago because of the large heavy cell phones of the time.
1. Suzanne: "Oh my god that phone is sooo fucking hot.. I want it so bad!...
Mike: "Oh my fucking god, check out the phone boner on that bitch!"

2: Suzanne " Ok, see you later guys...(puts cell phone in front pocket)"
Mike: "Oh my fucking god, check out the phone-boner on that bitch!"
by squinty-mcgee November 19, 2007
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Another name for PopSockets
friend : "Hey! I just got a phone boner!"
you : " why? those things are so dumb"
friend : "no. watch this!" *pop* *pop*
you : "ooooooooooooooooooo"
by MemesAreCancer March 13, 2018
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