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A feature in Google Chrome that allows you to privately browse the Internet. It does not record the websites you've visited, cookies, etc, making it good for watching porn.
Clay: "Joe has been away for half an hour now."
Ivan: "Oh, he's using incognito mode so he can jack off."
by Stupid and Also Dumb January 19, 2016
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I felt deep sonder thinking about the all the people who looked up this word along with me.
by rednos January 10, 2013
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A mode in Google's new Chrome browser that does not record history, search entries or cookies to the user's computer. Downloaded files are still saved as normal.
"Dude, how do I discretely look at porn in Google Chrome?"
"Incognito mode man. Ctrl+Shift+N."
by Professor R August 05, 2009
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What you open up in Google Chrome before watching porn.
Jerry didn't want porn on his search history so he opened up Incognito mode in Google Chrome.
by Please excuse me July 13, 2017
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A feature of the Google Chrome browser that opens a browsing window that doesn't save history, cookies, or any manner of browsing data. AKA 'porn mode' Named so because most people use it to look up porn and jack off without any one knowing. Incognito mode is a very "handy" tool, if you know what I mean.
John uses incognito mode so that his girlfriend will never know he watches gay porn.
by SteamyBunzA7X December 22, 2013
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it is made for horny 12 yr old that go on pornhub 24/7 and beat the shit out of their meat
ima go Incognito Mode so my parents wont find out
by your dad getting milk yeet October 29, 2019
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