to make something else smaller, as said by a Simpsons mobster (not a member of Fat Tony's gang though)
You know what I like? Those little hot dogs.
Do they small down big ones or do they make 'em different?
by redboy December 03, 2006
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The exact opposite of "big ups". This means that one should be made fun of rather than commended or applauded.
One day James thought he deserved "big ups", on the contrary, I corrected him by saying that he deserves "small downs" for his buffoonish bantering and rude behavior.
by Petey Pablos April 21, 2013
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When the store is trying to scan a QR code on ya phone
Lady in store : you got a QR code son
Jock : aye yes it's on my phone il just bring it up on the screen
Lady in store: I can't seem to scan it can you "small it down" please
Jock: sorry il pinch the screen and "small it down" for ya
Lady in store: yah that's better it scans now
Jock: happydays
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