Location of Penn State's main campus to which all the branch students call "Mecca."

Wanna get drunk? No problem! 21 bars within 2 square miles!

Wanna get laid? Noooo problem! Frats are crawling with disease-infested freshman & sophomore students who will sleep with anyone who hands them a warm Milwaukee's Beast.

Need an apartment? Noo problem at all! Just make sure you like getting screwed up the pooper with no lube every month.

The residents hate the students, the students hate the residents, and the district court LOVES the steady income of money from the many crimes committed on Fridays & Saturdays.
BranchCampusStudent#1: dude, i'm finally going up to State College this weekend to party!
BranchCampusStudent#2: OMG!! i'm so envious...all i get to do is sit in my dorm and rub one out.

PSUstudent#1: Damn State College police...i have another trial to go to.
PSUstudent#2: yea, i just paid $300 to the State College District Court for pissing in an alley behind the Saloon.
by Trapped in Hell March 9, 2005
State College is a great place to live when its not summer.
by Mike February 25, 2004
Small college in the middle of no where .. aka Vermont. Population of students is small, about 2,000. Consists of stoners, skateboarders, snowboarders/skiers, drama/theater people and dancers .... and anime club.

Campus is beautiful in the summer and fall and if you like snow then this is the place for you. Snow hangs around till early to mid spring.

The food (called Shwag - Shit We All Get) is decent on some days, other days it'll cause you to shwoop (shwag poop). This is very common with incoming freshman who are not used to shwag's effects on the human stomach.

Classes are mostly laid back so after a day of 3 classes, one can usually do nothing for the rest of the day and smoke a bowl with your friendly neighborhood badger mascot.
by JohnnyPatches March 20, 2011
A public college located in olympia wa. The school is often frowned upon by douche bags who serve no purpose in life, but is respected by many professionals.
Dude, you go to the evergreen state college? That's awesome!
by heyu April 6, 2009
A small college in a small vermont town commonly know as lyndonville. In the winter, Lyndon State College is home to the famous Ice Penis fountain. Despite the rules that limit such activity, students can always be found having partied the night away. Hungover skiing is a popular sport durring winter months, but dont worry when the weather is warmer you can always take a midnight dip in the pond which is home to questionable creatures.
by catmz February 3, 2008
“Hey are you going to university of blah blah
“No i think im just gonna go to a state College because im broke lol *laughs awkwardly*”
Umm ooook *quietly leaves room*”
by IDGAFWABGSAM October 26, 2017