one of the worst bands to ever exsist. consists of 40 year old hippies trying to be "cool". Ultimately an overall terrible band. They are a cheap imitation of REAL old time bands such as led zephlin, queen, and etc.
Phish..Your band name is derived from a fish, one of the most usless animals in exsistence, who oftentimes have 5 second memories, simmilar to you fans.
by Bobert Rickster August 07, 2006
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Popular mis-spelling of the word Fish. In which stoners and followers of the major jam band Phish purpusely to make the word spell Phish.
On Dave's English Test the word fish was in it so he crossed out the f and added a Ph and then laughed out loud.
by David Matthews December 21, 2003
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1. An alternate form of "Phat", meaning cool beyong the word "cool"
2. An amazing band.
Dude, you are so phish!
by sheniquea December 20, 2006
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Creepy loner guys usually wearing black who think they are the bolocs with women they come to the club alone spend the whole night leanign too close to women who don't want to talk to them and making them smell their BO and bad breath.

often come in the guise of the old guys who seem to think they are still 'down with the kids' and turn up to every gig and react the same to the music regardless of ability or genre before going off to prey again.

creepy guys who lurch in clubs and bars and prey on underage girls with bad chat up lines.

Origin - Hitchin Hertfordshire u.k. 2005
The guy's a phish seriously tell her to steer clear, she'll end up in the boot of a car somewhere wondering what was in her drink.
by yourmotherthepope June 07, 2007
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The correct spelling of fish. The man that caught and discovered the first phish spelled it P-H-I-S-H. So that means that the man and I are correct and everyone else is wrong!!!
I just caught a huge phish!!!
by fcljmh13 May 18, 2017
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