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Philo is a friend who sticks by your side no matter what. Everybody, from kids, to people your own age, to grandparents love him. He himself is a total kid at heart and will have you rolling on the ground laughing with his antics. He's the leader of his friend group and throws parties like no other. While at first glance he's just the "best friend" kind of guy, the truth is he's amazingly romantic and just waiting for his princess. His strong build and gorgeous eyes added to his amazing personality make him the perfect catch. If you ever meet him - you'll know. And if you're the lucky girl he chooses- don't be stupid because he will love you like you've never been loved before. He won't walk out of your life - but you better be smart enough to do the same. If you've met him, you know, and if you haven't you're missing out. Cause knowing him is the best thing that will ever happen to you.
Guy: hey, Philo, how are you!?
Philo: fine, thanks, and you?
Guy: fine, thanks for asking!
by David Gamal January 04, 2018
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When you get so high you turn into a philosopher
sage: weed isnt just weed man once you learn that you'll be a real stoner
tanner: whoooah
killian: he's goin philos
by Ryne is a faggot July 14, 2009
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Philo is someone you can count on whenever. She's all about good energy and good vibes. Once you mess up with philo her trust with you is shaky after that. She's not the type to chase after somone either. Once she doesn't care it's over and that's the worst place you wanna be with her. Although she has her flaws Philo is one intelligent wise and coolest person you'll ever meet. She's one of those people you instantly click with from the jump. She's easy to talk to about anything. She's more attracted to intellect and deep intelligence. She's also very different when she wants to be. She doesn't just have one aesthetic. She usually has many at once. She's loyal and wouldn't ever want to do anything to hurt her significant other if she had one. She'll ride for you if you ride for her the same way. Philo is one of those people you'll always remember as a good ass person wether you guys are on good terms or not. You'll regret losing her as a friend, girlfriend anything. She's one beautiful human being inside and out.
I've always wanted to be friends with Philo.
by Michelangelo Johnson March 14, 2017
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