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The way of spelling for people who can't spell the word filipino correctly.
PERSON A: Philippinos are cool!
PERSON B: Don't you mean "filipino" ?
by Jon-jon September 20, 2006

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The best area code in Florida. It's also the area code of the most densly-populated county in Florida.
On Myspace: LOCATION: 727, Florida
by Jon-jon September 12, 2006

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A type of Asian group. They can go as Asians or Pacfic Islanders. In America, Filipinos can be seen usually as a follower of african-american culture or a prep. The prep instance happens more often. The stereotype that they are wealthy is false. They are just budget-conscious and they get their nice clothes (filipinos love Lacoste with a passion) cheap. Although they may be wealthy, they are very humble people, just not really by appearance. (You see a woman with a Dooney & Bourke purse and a Tommy Hilfiger shirt.) Overall, they are a hard-working people who tend to be successful in life.
Wow, you must be Filipino. Look at your flat nose, and brand-name clothing! TALAGA!
by Jon-jon October 08, 2005

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