The land that my ancestors(Españoles) took control off and later lost it to Americanos.

The Country where "native asians" inhabiting the land coexisting with real Filipinos.

Filipino is the real term referring to Españoles born in Filipinas extending to those who are mixed with greater ratio of Sangre Español.

The Country is named in the honour of, "EL REY PHILIP II DE ESPAÑA / PHILIP II, KING OF SPAIN"
La Isla Rica, Bonita y Grandiosa. Without Españoles, Filipinas/Philippines wouldn't be civilised and great. Yo ya me grito "Viva España"
by El Hombre Castizo de Filipinas December 30, 2009
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probably the worlds laziest country, it's people never want to do any work and just snooze around all day. The country has a rising population obviously because they are experiencing the Asian growth as they jump on the backs of China and India to steel their economic benefits that they are making. The country also has a lot of students interested in math, just like all Asian country's.
Maths class

Person 1: Hey who's that kid with his head on the table

Person 2: oh that's just some (Philippines) pine (pronounced: pne) cunt, he's fucking lazy and tends to sleep most lessons.
by The hidden undermass April 30, 2011
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a place where filipinos live. The most ghetto asians out of all asian countries. A nice place, where people from different countries live it may look run down and its kinda ghetto but different nations live there like, Puerto ricans, Indians, Iranians Mexicans, and the most lation mix of filipinos is mexicans and puerto ricans over 200,000 filipinos have mexican or puerto rican descent.Other than that philipines is a nice place filled with puerto ricans mexicans cubans indians and iranians
go down to the ghetto part of asia..... PHILIPPINES
by joe genesis June 13, 2008
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The Philippines is ruled by two main tribes...
The Gamers and the Gangsters... (the minority is composed of bugoys, parents and polititians)

those two tribes isolated each other until the great god Marcos gave them the "human female". the gangsters wanted sex slaves while the gamers wanted goddesses to be worshipped... then the great war started, the gangsters grabbed 80% of the females the god Marcos gave philippines, leaving the gamers only with 20%... the gamers trained the females with the art of DotA, counter-strike and diablo2, then the gamers launched their offensive again the gangsters
in the decisive battle on netopia, the gamer force was defeated by the gangsters application of drugs that turns idiotic retards into frenzied berserkers! massive damage was dealt and the gamer force retreated! then Level-up games released Ragnarok online... the great wave of enlightenment converted a great amount of gangsters and "bugoys" into gamers! the gangsters countered the wave by making people listen to black eyed peas and other rapcrap, but they didnt succeed because a few elite female gamers of the anti-rap police tracked down Colonel General Mr.RapGuy of the gangster army and assassinated him! the gangster army collapsed because those idiots cant breath if they arent listening to music... the gamers left the remaining alone because it is against the gamer code rule #54 "do not pwn the losers, for they shall pwn themselves"... but... that was their undoing... the gangsters took over ABS-CBN and GMA
they used filipino dubbed dragonball anime as propaganda by changing every other word into "gangster". the great plan was a "success", children all over the land... died...
the gangsters were shocked by the results... desparate, they
secured nightclubs, malls and parks.
gamers can no longer go to malls and buy cds, the gamers were pissed. They hijack the phone company and removed all the dial-up connections of the gangsters. the gangsters no longer have a source for their retarded music plus eons of buttsex that gave them various STDs let them to extinction... the country is now free from the plague of hip hop and gamers across the land roam free!
-deadtim, great historian of the philippines
The philippines is awesome, if you dont think so you'll get AIDS!
by deadtim November 15, 2006
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Philippines is a conservative American wanna be. It's beauty is covered with squatters and children. Philippines has the largest know population of gays and lesbians in the asian culture, so for those who live in San Francisco, it puts Castro Street to shame. You can also make your own laws, sure they have stringent laws but hey it's nothing money can't buy, eventhough if it's just a measley buck ($1=55 pesos). Now back to the American wanna be, they are a year behind when it comes to trends but when you pay a visit you can find alot of things that you enjoy here in the STATES, like Starbucks. One more thing good luck finding toilet paper there, cause all they use over there is a pail full of water Tabo and your right or left hand, which ever is easier.
Crap, all I see is a pail, where the hell is the toilet paper?
by Robertson Uy May 09, 2005
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