Visayan islands in the philippines is a great place. Cebu is probably one of the nices places in the world, while Luzon, is a polluted dump. If you plan to go to Manila and Quezon City, don't bring anything fancy while walking in the streets or you'll get mugged. Not to mention the flying cockroaches...
by Tim March 15, 2005
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A girl who is tired of searching up her name and only seeing results for the country. She is amazing and beautiful!! SHE IS TIRED OF BEING NICKNAMED PHILADELPHIA
Boy1: damn who dat... shes cool
Boy2: thats Philippine, dont make fun of her name tho she’ll unleash her inner demon
by Bingbingbong11 June 10, 2020
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a country run by variety shows with that fag joey de leon and that fool willie revillame.

both mofos are making a lot of money out of sarcasm, the minority and making fun of uneducated people as well as the poor people. those two dip shits needs to get out of the air and get a gun, shoot each other between their eyes. those two are perverted fucks that need to die. if they do. the philippine will be a better place to live in.
GMA: what do you think will happen if joey de leon and willie revillame run for presidency?

Me: my mind is filled with apathy so much, i dont vote. why would i care. politics in the Philippines is so corrupt anyway.

Me again: hey! why the fuck am i talking to you? you cheating-for-presidency-lying-bitch!
by kahayop August 19, 2009
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The Philippines was named in honor of King Philip II of Spain. Spanish explorer Ruy López de Villalobos, during his expedition in 1542, named the islands of Leyte and Samar Felipinas after the then-Prince of Asturias. Eventually the name Las Islas Filipinas would be used to cover all the islands of the archipelago. Before that became commonplace, other names such as Islas del Poniente (Islands of the West) and Magellan's name for the islands San Lázaro were also used by the Spanish to refer to the islands.

The official name of the Philippines has changed several times in the course of its history. During the Philippine Revolution, the Malolos Congress proclaimed the establishment of the República Filipina or the Philippine Republic. From the period of the Spanish–American War (1898) and the Philippine–American War (1899–1902) until the Commonwealth period (1935–46), American colonial authorities referred to the country as the Philippine Islands, a translation of the Spanish name. Since the end of World War II, the official name of the country has been the Republic of the Philippines. Philippines has steadily gained currency as the common name since being the name used in Article VI of the 1898 Treaty of Paris, with or without the definite article.
"The Philippines has 7,107 islands"
via giphy
by ReverendOntheRadio November 12, 2018
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Usually a nice French girl. They like to hang out near the sea, mountains or fields. They don't like cities. If you date a Philippine you need to take her to adventures. Let her have her freedom. Some of Philippines are closeted lesbians.
Philippine is an adventurous lesbian.
by Orion1605 June 09, 2020
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It is known as "Narnia" to Filipino band fangirls, because their favorite bands don't come to the Philippines very often, due to the Philippines' location and distance from the band's origins. Fangirls would tweet and blog about how much it sucks living in "Narnia" because of it's remoteness. During the off-chance that a band would come to "Narnia", a fangirl rejoices and buys VIP tickets in a heartbeat. Just like what happened in LIV3 Mall shows, Mayday Parade and All Time Low.
Fangirl 1: Why do bands never come here? ajsdkfj;alskdf
Fangirl 2: Because we live in the Philippines. It's like Narnia here kasdjf;lkasf
by narniarepresent11 November 07, 2011
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Asia’s equivalent to Mexico
1. Lots of nice people
2. Both speak Spanish as one of their languages
3. Beautiful vegitation and beaches
4. Both use pesos
5. Majority of their population is Catholic or Christian
6. Both are in a drug war
7. Shitty corrupted government
The Philippines is nice, but the government sucks” - An actual Filipino I met in college

“Man, the Philippines really is Asia’s Mexico”
by TheIntelligentHorse October 06, 2018
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