Cebu is known for its excellent beaches and me-love-you-long-time women
by Fab the sandwichman May 20, 2006
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Cebu is the most populous province of the Philippines. It is located in the Central Visayas region, and includes Cebu island and many smaller islands, such as Mactan. The capital of Cebu is Cebu City.
I only spent a a few months in Cebu, so my Cebuano isn't very good.
by Ariah March 6, 2007
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A city that’s both a good and bad place to live in when you’re in the Philippines. Has everything you need: good schools, work opportunities, large shopping malls, clubs, nightlife, music scene, entertainment. Many residents are religious and love Sinulog. And neighbors are friendly. But it’s also full of gangs, frat boys, criminals, and potheads. There’s nightlife action almost every night, which leads to promiscuity among young men and women. Population is really high, too. Almost every section of the city is crowded. Overall, you can fall in love with the city, but at the same time hate some things about it.
I'm glad i once lived in Cebu, but wouldn't wanna go back there.
by x_xJilliex_x February 20, 2010
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A legendary wookiee warrior of myth who travels the starwars universe in search of bitch-ass cowards and combat medics in order to impale with his mighty pike. Legend has it that he murders krayt dragons with his fists for fun and lack of better things to do. Also a species of tree monkeys found east of the Andes from Colombia and Venezuela.
"Cebus apella inhabits moist subtropical or tropical forests, but has also been seen in dry forest, gallery forest, disturbed and secondary forest. In northwest Argentina these monkeys live in montane forest at an elevation of 200 to 1100m. This species prefers the understory and midcanopy of the forest, but often descends from the trees to forage and play. Cebus apella has the widest range and broadest habitat tolerances of any other Cebus species."
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The little boy had a sick cebu, a sad cebu, and a mute cebu. And also a hippo.
by Larryboy November 8, 2003
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I tried to give my girlfriend a Cebu Steamer, but I can't get the texture right.
by LateToTheNameGame March 21, 2019
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