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Another spelling for Phoebe. A gorgeous, smart, down to earth girl. She is usually not the center of attention and is usually not so outspoken but when she does talk, she speaks words of wisdom, power and truth. Phebes are not afraid and are extremely friendly. Their smile can light up a whole room and more. They are naturally beautiful and come in all different bajgrounds. They are very talented, musically and/or athletically. Phebes are world changers.
You should hear Phebe on the piano, her music speaks directly to you.
by Nun of ur beeswax March 15, 2017
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Another spelling for Phoebe, but without the O. Phebes are amazing- They usually are smart, pretty, funny, interesting, and thoughtful. Phebes usually play a sport or an instrument, maybe both. Phebe also has a lot of Old World roots. Usually blonde haired, although there are exceptions. Phebe rules! :)
Phebe is so awesome, she's as amazing as Phoebe.
by glaxgoalie March 04, 2012
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A really cute, nice, and funny girl. She doesn’t talk a lot but usually weird and really funny. You should find yourself a Phebe to love.
Yo! That Phebe girl is so cute!
by someone you don’t know bud February 21, 2019
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Phebe is a Succubus that drains the life out of vulnerable sailors and takes their money when they aren't looking. She is attractive enough to lure them in, but her cackling laughter will suffocate them before dawn. Beware the lingering stench of fish and decaying flesh with a Phebe.
God, I cant believe she sucked my dick and it fell off. What a Phebe.
by Insty May 24, 2019
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