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A philistine, man or woman, whose life is guided by their nether regions. An uncultured person who has no knowledge of the world outside of empty sexual encounters. Most often found lurking in expensive nightclubs.

1) Andy: So, what did you think of the orchestra?
Ben: I wasn't paying attention. I just went to check out that hot cellist.
Andy: Jeez dude, you're such a Phallustine!

2) Susan: I hate Fashion TV because it’s filled with Phallustines.
by Atzushka February 13, 2009
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Small spiked protrusions from your penis
<Quackers> spiky bits growing on your nob are never a good sign.

<SomethingwithanE> Phallustines
by DarkLordOfTheSith March 28, 2011
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