Phaedra is a very beautiful girl, who may seem cold on the outside. But if you can get close enough to her you’ll see that she is an amazing person who cares deeply about everyone in her life. She will be one of the best girlfriends you’ve ever had, Phaedra will always put your needs first and will never cheat.
“Phaedra seems like such a bitch.”

“She’s really not once you get to know her!”
by Lifeisgood1378 December 1, 2017
A person you can trust and will beat the shit out of someone for you
Dude1: Man this guy is trying to fight but I can’t fight

Dude2: It’s alright Call Phaedra
by True religion 101 January 21, 2018
The most amazing, hot, beautiful, nice, and caring person in the world
Phaedra is great
by #POINTYUNICORN June 12, 2019
Most often a very stunning, smart female who is athletic. Phaedra's may come off as shy or sometimes intimidating people but once you get to know them they are super nice. Phaedra's are loyal girlfriends but you have to be pretty lucky to end up dating a phaedra.
Kyle is so lucky, him and Phaedra started dating.
by guy who knows words June 1, 2021
A girl that cheats on all of her boyfriends, based on the Greek goddess Phaedra who was also known to cheat a lot.
Phaedra cheated on me with Joe!
by Swaggie-P September 13, 2017
A loving and nice person , someone who will take real good of her kids and does what she can
All you have to do is meat a Phaedra and your life will be amazing
by Laree lover September 3, 2015