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Centrist: Donald Trump has done amazing things for the US, even Obama said what he did would’ve taken magic
by guy who knows words January 14, 2021
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Most often a very stunning, smart female who is athletic. Phaedra's may come off as shy or sometimes intimidating people but once you get to know them they are super nice. Phaedra's are loyal girlfriends but you have to be pretty lucky to end up dating a phaedra.
Kyle is so lucky, him and Phaedra started dating.
by guy who knows words June 1, 2021
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to be glorious, to glow with beams of light, to have all the lady's the hot ones and not so good looking ones to be very physically active and amazing at sports
that dude is glowing with awesomeness,

that guys got all the hot lady's he must have awesomeness
by guy who knows words November 13, 2018
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