This kid is fuckin' hilarious. He laughs at the most random shit, but yet, when important things need to be said he's the first person to talk. Has unlimited amounts of energy even when functioning on less than 3 hours of sleep. Will fall asleep during a movie just to wake up 45 minutes later to say the most obscure comment physically possible, in turn making everyone crack up. Is the most loyal friend anyone could ever ask for, without Peter the friend group is seriously lacking and you know something is missing when he's gone. Will ask to go to Walmart at 3am just to add to his already excessive collection of candy canes. Peter appreciates the little things in life and it's adorable. He'll never grow up and always tells people, "just have fun." Never does his math hw but yet will have over 100% in any math class he ever takes. You'll never forget him, and he'll never forget about anything because he has a photographic memory. Peter is as Peter does, and he's a great kid.
While watching Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind late at night with friends Peter will most likely...

Awake from a deep sleep and say, "Noooooo save the children! Just kidding fuck the children."

Then will be completely out of it for the rest of the night on his air mattress snuggling his stuffed pusheen cat.

Peter, " Guess who will be our next President?"
Me, "....Who?"
Peter, "Richard Boxman!"

Peter then continues to mutter box puns for the next hour and a half .
by Peter's Dick Pencil December 11, 2016
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Sarcastic, Funny, Observant, Sexy, Interesting, Horrible At Texting, Doesn't Have the Greatest Taste In Baseball Or Football Teams, Knows How To Make You Smile
Man I Wish I Could Be Like Peter!
by Redsoxfan! September 13, 2010
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A guy with a huge penis both in length and girth
Girl 1: Hey check out that guy, he's hot

Girl 2: Yeah and he has a Peter

Girl 1: I'm gonna ride him so hard

Girl 2: I already did, I couldn't walk straight for a week
by whatarewetodo July 12, 2011
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A complete hottie who all girls want to fuck. He has the largest cock. All the girls want him in bed with them.
Peter is so hot, and he's amazing in bed too!
by I AM VISA April 17, 2010
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Most amazing guy you will ever meet. Knows how to treat a lady, the right way. Loves playing music. Love to hunt and is too easy to fall in love with.
I think I'm in love with Peter
by Blub September 10, 2015
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sweetest man, "absobloodylutely amazing", perfect...no other words that describe you better

peter has been exactly what i needed this year.
by desigrl May 06, 2006
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