I got all up in his grill and he was pet. He didn't say one word, yo.
by Danielle October 17, 2003
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Something or someone who is pushed around and is used as a companion.
by ddude01 December 23, 2014
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A PET, or Pussy Eating Tattoo, is a tattoo that a woman gets in the area below her belly button, between her hip bones, and above her vagina. The PET gets its name from being highly-visible and inches from your face while performing cunnilingus.
"Every time I go down on my girl, I feel like her tiger PET is staring back at me!"
by Micah, Mat, Pat April 24, 2007
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Name which 419eaters/scambaiters use to define the scammers they bate.
My pet is confused again.
by Hoo Hoo Nick August 18, 2004
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A derogatory term usually aimed at women.
Drunk guy: "You alright, pet?"
Girl: "Jog on, asshole."
by miguelmiguel March 28, 2011
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