1. A person who backs down from a fight or a confrontation; a ranker; a leva; a pussy.

2. Another name for a U.S. quarter (coin).

(Peseta has its origins in L.A. slang primarily used by Chicanos, and Mexicans, but spreading in popularity amongst other groups).
1. Homie #1: When I went up that vato and hit him up for doggin' me, the fucken ranker started running like a lil bitch.

Homie #2: Ha! Ha! Fuckin peseta, homes. You put him on the leva, ese.

2. Ey, carnal, trais una peseta? Necesito lavar mis calcetines.
Trans.: Hey, bro, do you have a quarter? I need to wash my socks.
by El Muñeco December 08, 2005
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the curency(money) they used in spain befor the euros came they are egual to a english pound.
i will pay you cinco pesetas for five english pounds
by Alexa corsova July 10, 2005
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