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A state in the union that wants to show everybody up when it comes to being backwards.

Arizona was the last state in the union to ratify a Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. The politicians and many of it's people (but not all) said "no!" to an MLK holiday long after every other state had already decided to honor Dr. King. Black athletes and leaders boycotted and the state eventually begrudgingly gave in.

Now, Arizona is once again trying to outdo all the other states and trying to reclaim its crown as the most intolerant, racist, and ass-backwards state by having recently passed SB1070--an unconstitutional, anti-immigrant, anti civil rights, xenophobic law that allows the police to racial profile ANYONE they see fit and it also allows law enforcement to arrest anyone that cannot produce documents that prove their residency/citizenship on the spot. This law has been called the most racist law since the Jim Crow laws of in the deep South. Way to go, Arizona!! You are the U.S. CHAMPION when it comes to staying way behind the rest of the country!!
Man: This SB1070 law is harsh and, ultimately, the police can stop and harass ANYONE they feel like and all they have to say is that they suspected someone of being in the U.S. illegally.

Woman: Sounds like Gestapo tactics to me and we are losing more of our freedoms. Time to boycott Arizona!

Man: That's what I'm saying. I'm boycotting anything from AZ, starting with the Diamondbacks.
by El Muñeco April 28, 2010
a spanish term said in an excrutiatingly loud an annoying way meaning the same as "for real!!"
Dude #1: Check this out, i got this at the store for five dollars.

Dude #2: Deveras!!

Dude #1: shut the fuck up!! i hate it when you make a big deal.
by El Muñeco December 11, 2005
1. A person who backs down from a fight or a confrontation; a ranker; a leva; a pussy.

2. Another name for a U.S. quarter (coin).

(Peseta has its origins in L.A. slang primarily used by Chicanos, and Mexicans, but spreading in popularity amongst other groups).
1. Homie #1: When I went up that vato and hit him up for doggin' me, the fucken ranker started running like a lil bitch.

Homie #2: Ha! Ha! Fuckin peseta, homes. You put him on the leva, ese.

2. Ey, carnal, trais una peseta? Necesito lavar mis calcetines.
Trans.: Hey, bro, do you have a quarter? I need to wash my socks.
by El Muñeco December 9, 2005
1. stands for "must be nice" and used sarcastically when someone tells you something that makes them sounds wealthy, carefree, or conceited.
Wealthy Chick: My parents, my sister and I are going to Aruba for Christmas for a week then to Argentina and Brazil to spend the New Year.

Poorer Friend: MBN! shit!!!

Wealthy Chick: What does 'mbn" mean?

Poorer Friend: it means that it Must Be Nice, mutherfucka! Tell your parents to hook ME up!
by El Muñeco December 9, 2005
The unincorporated area of East Los Angeles (aka 'East Los') for many decades has been home to Mexicans, Chicana/os and, increasingly, to more Central Americans. East Los Angeles is a historically rich, progressive community where the Chicano Movement was shaped and prominent artists, leaders, politicians, and scholars formed their ideologies. East L.A. is where the Brown Berets were formed, modeling themselves after the Black Panthers during the late 1960's and early 1970's. Aside from its rich history of politics and its anti-establishment ideals, East Los is known for its deep musical roots, its amazing Mexican cuisine, its contributions to pop culture (e.g. the lowrider was invented in ELA), and its proud people. East LA is to Mexicans what Harlem is to Blacks: the cultural capitol of the U.S. for Mexicans and Chicana/os. Punto.
East Los Angeles is aka 'East Los,' 'ELA,' and even simply as 'Los.'
by El Muñeco November 7, 2006
THIS IS THE REAL DEFINITION. A term to show disagreement or disapproval of something or some idea. Means the same thing as "hell no" or "hell na."

(Originated in U.S. Southwest, though it is used wherever you find Chicanos/Chicanas and other groups of Latinos/as).
Vato #1: Hey, homie, that's a nice ranfla (classic, fixed up car). I'll trade you for my Nissan.

Vato #2: Chale, homes! I'm not into new cars...especially not for THAT shitty wannabe tricked out Nissan.
by El Muñeco December 9, 2005
A new way of saying that an idea is wack or stupid.

(heard on the streets of Harlem, NY.)
boy #1: Yo, what'chu think about me painting my bike yellow and pink?

boy's friends: That's pop...you keep OD'ing with your dumb ideas.

by El Muñeco December 9, 2005