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A fabulous sort of girl. Beautiful and intelligent, but extremely outgoing. A true Perri loves to talk and debate for hours. Strong willed and furiously creative, a Perri is always a very important part of society. She loves people and life in generally. Her bubbly, radiant personality tends to dominate a bit, and can occasionally border on irritating, but she always means well. A Perri is always genetically blessed, and is generally the owner of an IQ thrice the amount of anyone else in the room and an esoteric beauty to match. Her sheer awesomeness is intimidating.To be a Perri is to be the physical embodiment of an Epic Win.
Person A: "Gosh! Isn't that Perri something! Don't we all wish we could be any where near as epic as her?"

Person B: "When I look at that Perri, I feel like I'm in the Narnia Chronicles and I'm looking at Aslan!"

Person A: "Really? When I read about Aslan in Narnia, I feel lik I'm looking at a Perri in the real world!"
by Twig Happy March 04, 2012

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