Some dumb ass shit ghetto girls say to look cool
Kendra: like I won’t beat that bitch ass
De’Aaviance: periodt
by XXXXSLASH October 7, 2019
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A word used at the end of a statement to give it a fruity kinda flair, originating from gay n**gaz in H Town but recently popularized by memes, it’s now a word used mainly by white girls tryna sound “hood”.
Gay dude: Your daddy could take me on PERIODT cuz ;)
White Chick: I told that hoe to watch who she talking to on PERIODT!
by —-Cage—- April 14, 2020
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Some dumb hot Cheeto eating ass bitch, who’s quite dyslexic.

Girl 2: Periodt
by WeWeIceOld April 29, 2020
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When bitches say that word every time after a sentence
I’m not playing with you and that’s on periodt
by Mikey gf August 2, 2019
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The most useless slang in the world, means the same as period (indicates end of sentences) , but used by retards.
by Blaxboom January 5, 2020
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A word used to emphasis someone’s point or to end the topic of conversation. Started in black culture
by Weirdflexbutok December 27, 2018
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