A section of Twitter that is comprised of cult-like-fandoms that worship popular artists or artist groups. This section consists of fans engaging socially to online individuals, discussing topics relating to their faves, fan girling/boying over updates on their faves, and a competitive battle ground amongst the different fandoms. Stan Twitter is also notorius for its trolls that utilize their tweeting privileges to cause an emotional reaction to others within or outside of their fandom. Common activities stans of any fandom are seen doing are trolling, arguing with someone within their fandom of from another fandom, or conversing with an internet friend on their timeline for everybody to see. Most stans tweet with a reaction pic that corresponds to the caption that are utilized to display emotion and/or ensure humor into the tweet.

Common Stan Twitter Vocabulary :

- drag (v., n.)
- snatched (adj.)
- bald (adj.)
- fav/favs (n.)
- reach/reaching (n.,v.)
- trolling/troll (v.,n.)
- rat (n.)
- bop (n.)
- stan (n./v.)
- tea (n.)
- shade (n.)
- legends (n./adj.)
- legends only (hyperbole)
- iconic (adj.)
- follow ratio (n.)
- soft block (v.)
- reaction pic (n.)
- meme (n.)
- ugly (adj./usually used to describe the way another person is acting rather than their appearance)

Common Stan Twitter Phrases:

- _____ is better

- _____ ended her
- _____ ended careers
- who?
- you stan _____

- _____ is over
by theroyalheir July 31, 2016
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Typically a bunch on teenagers trying to get noticed by their favorites such as one direction. But in 2020 stan twitter seem to be the only people on twitter standing up for BLM and starting the revolution. They are fantasizing over ANON which is the biggest hacker group known, yet they are giving them pet names.
did you hear about stan twitter
yeah... they're crushing on anon again
by hoeforharold May 31, 2020
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people mostly teenagers who spread awareness during a time of anger and injustice more than billionaires and influencers
they're smart and educated they probably own a stan twitter account.
by mimosa11 May 31, 2020
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Can be nice sometimes, but is usually a hell hole full of unnecessary fanwars (beef in-between two fandoms)
stan twitter went off after *certain celeb/idol* posted a selca the other day.
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chaotic users on twitter that have divorced parents and are gay
by godoyourhomeworkclown February 17, 2020
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people who spread more awareness during a time of anger and injustice than billionaires and influencers, oh and they’re probably either gay or depressed.
wow i can’t believe literal teenagers on stan twitter are doing more for BLM than widely popular celebrities with giant influences.
by cloudykindnes June 1, 2020
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Stan twitter can sometimes be ruthless; Always beef between 2 fandoms; Their slang is the weirdest thing ever. Such as:

Skinny legend
Dude, when camila cabello won the VMA of artist of the year stan twitter started attacking.
by Qūęęnøfhęll October 30, 2018
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