A word that bad bitches use to say they agree or ride or die with
A Girl: I love my bsf you dont
Bsf: Thats on Periodt
by Mixer1000 December 14, 2021
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Extreme version of "Period". Slang term coined by inner city ratchets, 'periodt' is a term which emphasizes the fact that something is said and done, and not up for discussion. What makes it extreme is the t at the end of the word. The t implies that the (generally wearing a du-rag, though some a weave) ratchet is also on her period (there is currently a bloody tampon in her vagina.) This, in essence makes it a double "period", and that much more extreme.
Du-rag big booty ratchet: Oh ma gawwd my sugar daddy didnt pay mee.

Ratchet #2: Fuk dat nikka. Periodtt.

*gets into the 'bust down' position, right hand raised in air, hand in a fist, acrylic thumb nail parallel to fist; begins twerking that ass*

Du-rag big booty ratchet:

*sticks tongue out in a lit expression*

Like payyy me daddyy.. periodtt
by Empomyar-Yort Expaysom III November 28, 2021
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A ghetto word used by many Americans after it blew up in 2019/2020 within the realms of Stan Twitter.
It is used to end sentences or to agree with someone.
Girl 1 - Mike is such an asshole
Girl 1 - He couldn't even keep his eyes off of Jennifer while he was with me.
Girl 1 - I'm much better off without him.
Girl 2 - periodt girl!
by TeeheePeriodtBoo February 15, 2021
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A word used to end a sentence knowing good and well you stating facts.
Im not finna argue with yo raggedy ass periodt.
by Jazzyjae April 19, 2019
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Something dumb bitches say for no reason when they think they doin sum.
“I’m gon stay untouched periodt
by Miramesanigga June 1, 2019
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Some dumb ass shit ghetto girls say to look cool
Kendra: like I won’t beat that bitch ass
De’Aaviance: periodt
by XXXXSLASH October 7, 2019
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