1) a word used to end sentences.
2) period with a tampon and the end. (extreme slang)
Anne: I ain’t gonna have that bullshit. Periodt. No motherfucking way!
by Littlenegro October 04, 2018
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Meaning end of convo / there is no multiple choice question it’s a mf statement . It means you strongly agree to something.
Her: Saturday gonna be live

Me: Fr periodt
by stasia April 08, 2019
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1)If a girl has proven her point she says periodt 👩🏽
You touch me you’ll get your ass beat periodtttt
by Hehehe426 June 11, 2019
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Periodt was made by city girls and city girls are from Florida so every body in Florida start saying periodt after everything they say ‼️ Especially palatka orange park st Augustine Tampa palm Coast Jacksonville Miami west palm beach Orlando every one in Florida basically.PERIODT
“Don’t make me put my wig inna rubber band PERIODT “ or “PERIODT #Freejt” ‼️
by Unleash eddy February 06, 2019
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