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1)If a girl has proven her point she says periodt 👩🏽
You touch me you’ll get your ass beat periodtttt
by Hehehe426 June 12, 2019
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A purposefully misspelled variant of "period" signifying to end someone's statement/discussion, or to agree with someone. The "T" is used to add emphasis and to mimic certain accents.
Kaiehgla: There will be another Jungkook.
Hailleigh: Periodt, sisterrrr!

Jessicah: Omg, this convo is over, periodt.
by Rhyokou January 25, 2021
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A word used to end a sentence knowing good and well you stating facts.
Im not finna argue with yo raggedy ass periodt.
by Jazzyjae April 19, 2019
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Sassy way of saying period.
Usually used to make a statement cause some bitches are dumb and they think you playing and not serious about some shit.
P: " I'm gonna go out tonight'
you: " I don't think so keep yo ass at home"
P: "I don't care I'm going out"
You: bitch I said you not going and das on PERIODTTTTT.
by 0neeyedowl May 10, 2020
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Something dumb bitches say for no reason when they think they doin sum.
“I’m gon stay untouched periodt
by Miramesanigga June 1, 2019
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Some dumb ass shit ghetto girls say to look cool
Kendra: like I won’t beat that bitch ass
De’Aaviance: periodt
by XXXXSLASH October 7, 2019
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