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The word "percabeth" is the shipping/couple name for Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson and Olympians series. Percabeth is the most shipped couples in the whole series. They get together at the end of The Last Olympian, and it's hinted (and hoped) that they will have a long and happy relationship together. Percy and Annabeth started out as two demigods who are forced to work together (Annabeth is the daughter of Athena, and Peryc is the son of Poseidon, therefore Annabeth, who takes great pride in her mother, is naturally offensive towards Percy), really good friends, and as early as The Sea of Monsters, they are hinted for romance. At the end of the book, Annabeth kisses Percy on the cheek at the end of their chariot race. In the Titan's Curse, Annabeth was kidnapped by the protagonist Luke and Percy was determined to find her and is convinced that she is still alive. In the Battle of the Labyrinth, Annabeth kissed Percy on top of Mt. St. Helens, when Percy told Annabeth to escape. Percy was later stranded on Calypso's Island for about two weeks, during which Annabeth was devastated. In The Last Olympian, Annabeth is revealed to have an instinct that Percy was in danger even though he was supposed to invulnerable and instinctively saves his life. The book ends with Annabeth and Percy running down half-Blood Hill, off to a good start.
"Percabeth is the best thing since Royai."
by PJOlovesFMA July 08, 2009
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Percy and Annabeth together as a couple.
I love Percabeth! I have a Percabeth t-shirt!
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by Poppy Corn June 03, 2016
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