The act of vaginal penetration with a woman suffering from heart burn on her period to the point of ejaculation. Once your semen has thoroughly mixed with her blood the woman hovers over a glass or bottle and pushes to excrete the bloody concoction. Then in an effort to soothe her heart burn, she delightfully drinks the mixture.
Ex. "Last night my sister was having a real hard time falling asleep cuz of her heart burn. In a last ditch effort to soothe her pain I gave her a Texas Pepto Bismol."
by Rockwallposter99 November 05, 2017
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Anal penetration with a penis so large that it causes the anus to bleed then giving an anal creampie. Then allowing the blood to mix with the cum in the ass so that it creates a pink fluid that drips out of the ass.
His cock was so big and I was horny I told him to give me Pepto Bismol Suppository.
by ShRek tHe MiGhTy OgRe LoRd December 08, 2014
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The type of person that has reached a whole new level of annoyance that you can litteraly predict and feel the cancer radiating from their skin. They are also huge band-wagons and enjoy spamming dead memes; radioactive Normie.
I met my first Pepto-Bismol and I wish I never did. His name is Tristan and he is so painfully average I just want to jump off a bridge.
by Kingdom Miracle November 29, 2020
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