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When you say you're getting a beverage but really you alt + f4 everything including your pc
Aaron: I'm gonna get a pepsi *alt f4s everything*
Other people: oh for fuck sake he's gone for a pepsi
Aaron: *types "Fuck sake my pc is hot shit"*
by DF NERFS DID DIDDLY SQUAT January 17, 2019
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You may have thought that a meteor wiped out the dinosaurs. This is correct, but what isn’t common knowledge is that there was a certain artifact fused within the core of the meteor. As it collided with the ground below, it cracked like an egg and inside, lay perfectly intact: “The Rota”.

Etched in stone, “The Rota” had immense power. It gave all answers to modern civilisation, but more importantly gave the time of the Sue Davey 2021 Rota. Loljean, D to the S, RB and SRISH were the names of the mighty few who had powers beyond comprehension. With this, the dates were enscribed for each session with the finest diamond. Legend has it that anyone that touches this who aren’t the chosen ones will be punished.
Peter: I read this article about a meteor containing “The Rota”. Is this true?

Basil: Dont speak about “The Rota” here. We’ll get killed if we’re caught mentioning it.
by DF NERFS DID DIDDLY SQUAT October 7, 2021
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