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A Hobby in which you go out and watch people. The way they act, dress, && talk. Like bird watching except with people. Very entertaining.
by Tootsie Roll November 29, 2005
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People watching is when u go around and watch people that u've never met before and, based on their actions, movements, and gestures, guess what kind of people they are and what they do.
I went people watching at the high school.
by gobipie October 07, 2007
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The art of secretly watching someone for personal amusement, often times when bored.
by emily2000 February 23, 2015
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when people with no lives or losers who go out to watch people because they nothing better to do.
P.S. This is my sister
Fred: What did you do last night?
Loser:I went people watching.
Fred: What?
Loser: People watching, its when you go and watch random people.
Fred:you need to get a life.
by Jim Rule December 08, 2005
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