The town for growing up, the town for chavvy year youts to "chill" at Paragon Park and get picked up by BTEC nonces driving around playing Nines or Bugzy malone. The story of this town goes on further, may I mention the park and ride. Yes! A great addition for the Middle class to get a family bus to Cambridge to go punting. That's the only daytime.... 8pm onwards the £1 parking fee is written off for the evening so up come forth the Barry boy drivers in there 15 year old Vauxhall Corsas to go drifting around the wide open space and causing absolute chaos, they're hard! Ever thinking about coming to St Ives now..... DON'T, the box is shut!
Let's go to St Ives for a day out.... it doesn't happen
by Anonymoooooos June 6, 2017
St Ives High is a high school runover by eshlads, eshays and adlays alike, everybody likes to hit a fat stig in the bathroom then make out with each other.

- bongwater hits 420
oh wow, St Ives High School is fucking garbage even Mr Watson can never catch us stigging!!111!
by bongwater hits 420 October 6, 2021
St ives high school is a school who likes to spend the government funding on sandstone bricks instead of using it to get some fucking better utilities
Construction worker: "Hey for the school should we use the funding from the government to make the bathrooms not smell like absolute shit?"
Mr Watson: "NO, get more sandstone bricks."

Construction worker: "But we could use that funding for..."
Mr Watson: "We need more sandstone bricks."
St ives high school also has a bunch of faggots ripping stigs in the bathroom
by Mr Watson February 8, 2022
A school who uses the government's funds for sandstone bricks.
St ives high school:
Person 1: "Hey with the funding, should we replace the bathrooms that smell like fucking shit?"
Principle: "NO, more sandstone bricks"

Person 1: "but"
Principle: "put as many SAND STONE BRICKS as you can"
by Mr Watson February 8, 2022