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Its a variation of the Angry Pirate. Except with the Angry Pirate of Penzance, instead of a guy doing it to a girl, its a guy doing it to another guy. Caution with this one. Since you are doing it to another guy instead of a girl, make sure you can kick his ass in case he gets angry that you came in his eye and kicked him in the shin. This may cause him to go sex nuts and retard strong and give you a Doug Henning in return.
I'm not gay, but I gave Bias an Angry Pirate of Penzance last night. I did not think he was gay until I saw that he enjoyed it.
by assclown69 June 12, 2008

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It is a variation of the Houdini, except instead of a guy doing a girl doggy style, its a guy doing another guy doggy style, and therefore qualify as a gay sex act thus the name Doug Henning in lieu of Houdini.
Did you hear about Rik? Apparently he gave is male lover the ol' Doug Henning last night. I'm just glad he did not tarnish a good name by calling it a Houdini.
by assclown69 June 17, 2008

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It is a variation of the Houdini where unknowing to the girl you are doing doggy style, there is a short mute guy standing in the corner watching. Then when she turns around after you spit on her back and she thinks you have finished cuming, you let her have it on her face while at the same time she realizes the weird guy in the corner is watching the whole thing. This double whammy could only be called the Penn and Teller
While at the Testical Festival, Derek gave the Russian Bride a Penn and Teller. Boy was she surprised to see Clay in the corner while he unleashed on her face.
by assclown69 June 12, 2008

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