you know you're from Pennsylvania when...

You refer to where you're from as pee-ayy more often then pennsylvania
You go to the shore
You can't eat other states "philly cheese stakes" because they are not real cheese stakes.
Youse, Yinz, You Guys and Yinzer are totally normal and acceptable way to refer to someone
You understand no one goes to Hershey park for the chocolate
You know what "the state store" is
You know what a "crick" is
You dont find it weird to have parties in firehalls
You call it a Hoogie
It isn't uncommon to see a horse and buggie
You and pretty much everyone you know is some part german
You know that Pennsylvania Dutch are not actually dutch
Birch Beer is not Root Beer
You love Wawa if your from the east and Sheetz if your from the west
You know the Pennstate cheer
School closings due to snow take the radio stations a half an hour to finish, because just about every town has its own school district.
You know Reading and the Reading Railroad from Monopoly is pronounced "Redding"
You don't find it weird to have off school for the first day of hunting season
You can pronounce Wilkes-Barre, Galitzen, Carlisle, Lancaster, Lititz, Schuylkill, Lebanon, Emmaus, and Punxsutawney
You can spell all of the above towns
At least 5 people on your block have electric "candles" in all or most of their windows all year long
You can't go to a wedding without hearing the chicken dance
You pronounce Water as "wat-er" and "wood-er" interchangeably
We are proud to be from Pennsylvania.
by arandomatheist July 31, 2016
A state that takes 5 hours to drive across if there's no construction, which means that it never takes less than 10 hours to drive through. Contains towns with names such as Paint, Tree, Elm, Intercourse, and Frackville. The scenery is quite nice, but very repetitive.
One time, google maps re-routed me off of Pennsylvania highway 81 because of construction. I wound up lost at a mountaintop mall in a town called Frackville.
by youthCulture July 11, 2015
Better than your state. Sure, the roads suck, but not as bad as parts of Kentucky. Sure, the people can be dumb, but not as dumb as in Alabama. Sure, the weather sucks, but not as badly as it does in Alaska. Yeah, okay, it's a little rural, and you have to buy your liquor in state stores, and there's no beaches, but at least we're not West Virginia. Or Iowa.

Plus, the Amish are cool, we make ketchup and chocolate, the Steelers used to be a decent team, and hey! we've got a town called Intercourse.
Pennsylvania has Intercourse. Your state doesn't.
by =west= January 25, 2004
The only place in the U.S. in which no matter how small a town is, there will always be at least two bars, even if there is not one other business.
No matter where you are in Pennsylvania, you can at least get a drink, even if you can't buy gas or groceries.
by Ashamedtobefromthere April 1, 2004
like most states, pennsylvania has two large cities and the rest is dotted with small hick towns.

the four seasons in pennsylvania are:

1. almost winter
2. winter
3. still winter
4. construction
where else but pennsylvania can you freeze to death in the winter and die of heat stroke in the summer?
by bumbleclot July 19, 2006
Literally meaning "Penn's Woods" but better defined by Democratic political strategist James Carville as "Philadelphia in the east, Pittsburgh in the west and Alabama in the middle!" Middle of the state jokingly referred to as "Pennsyltucky". Home of perpetual road construction and an important swing state in national politics. Powerball lottery state. Actually kinda nice.
If you want to win the White House, you must make a strong effort to win Pennsylvania.
by Fast Bobby April 8, 2004
I've lived near the Philadelphia area most of my life. I also spent about 6 weeks in northwest Texas, 8 months in Tampa Bay, and the last 5 months in Central Virginia. Compared to all of those, Pennsylvania is awesome. The big city was an hour away, the mountains were about 2 hours from where I lived, and the beach was close enough that we could make a day of it. Philadelphia may be part of a megalopolis, but you don't have to go very far before you're in the country. You get to experience the best of both worlds when you live in PA. Yes, we have attitude, but it's not like we'll never talk to outsiders. We just don't talk to them if they tell us we're all assholes when the farthest north they've ever even been is DC, which isn't even part of the North. We're actually some of the nicest people in the country, we just like to drive fast.
That place is really diverse. It's a Pennsylvania.
by crazyg4j December 10, 2009