The state of not having a penis
You are just mad because you suffer from penislessness
by Raziel April 29, 2003
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The loss or the event of not owning a penis. Women are the main suffers of penislessness, also those who have had unfortunate accidents.
"I have no penis, i have got penislessness."
by Tom997 February 20, 2009
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I curse you with penislessness! You and all your children, and your children's children for a thousand generations, will be cursed with penislessness! And Vishnu will beat you with his many arms. Very fast.
You mean they'll be women?
Shut up. I curse you.
by PervinMervin February 6, 2011
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A derogatory term referring to anyone who owns a tuner/street racer to over-compensate for a lack of something else, as in a small penis. Pun on the unfortunately blockbuster hit film series The Fast and the Furious.
Mike: Dude, do you see those street racers out there? Nice.

Steve: Yeah, but it's the Fast and the Penisless. Those guys got nothing else to be proud about.
by James Myrick September 24, 2007
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when one man has no penis, it is also classified as a woman. all people are supposed to be born with penises, but none is attached when born.
Jack Black- "Oh that Jacob (from twilight) dude, yeah he has penisless syndrome"

Max Vorheis-"oh... that explains alot..."
by Jackisbeast May 23, 2011
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