Someone that is such a big cock sucker they literally stay attached to the cock like a leach normally a kiss ass or tattle tail.
Worker 1: I think Brandon is telling the boss on you for being a street cat at work
Worker 2: Brandon is a cum sucking penis leach he's in there sucking the boss dry.
by Bowman475 April 25, 2019
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A Boo Penis is the terminology for a penis that has a blue pigmentation. Can also be used as an insult for a wonky shaped penis.
Ex 1: I didn't know Megaminds schlong was also blue, who would've knew?

Ex 2: Shut up Joel, you have a Boo Penis and we all know it
by ChuggyCheese November 30, 2020
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A boo penis is a penis that is blue, presumably a fictional characters shclong
Ex: I didnt know Megamind had a Boo Penis until I saw his ONLYFANS
by ChuggyCheese November 30, 2020
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a small stunted ugly penis like bruce harnet
you devil penis
by toby f May 20, 2016
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When a demon steals your penis rips the top of your penis off and drinks the sperm like diet cok.
I fucked a cactus and my Dick penis fell off.
by Hyphen_ July 5, 2020
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