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blackened pasta dish originating from the northern-most region of Italy served ice cold
I had to travel 200 kilometers to Ristorante Folgaria in the mountains just so I could order the penguini. It was delizioso!
by joff leff March 14, 2015
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Erik hooked up with Susan and Pepi had her time with Bear - who would have thunk that a 30+ year old couple would be amazing swinging partners for a 70+ couple - now that’s a juicy penguini - thanks Clay
by StatskyZ18 August 23, 2020
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beware of the penguini or you'll be violently snapped in half...
Jason : hey dude you saw how stoned that penguin was?
that one kid in the corner : Beware of the penguini
Jason : dude what does that even mea-
Jason : 0-+- -<
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by theextra cheesy man March 26, 2020
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