A statement made by a teacher or college professor signifying that the allotted time for taking a test or exam has run out and all students must cease writing answers. In some cases, continuing to write even after being told "pencils down" may result in an automatic failure of the test.
Goofy: *daydreams and draws on test paper*

Professor: Pencils down!

Goofy: *continues to daydream and draw*

Professor: I said "pencils down"! *confiscates test paper to grade it*

Goofy: Wait a minute. I'm not finished! I'm......

Professor: Over Mr. Goof.
by KnightofNerdom February 13, 2019
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If you do not know, you will be happier!
"If I train is traveling at 67 MPH from Philadelphia and another train is traveling at 51 MPH from St. Louis, and the passengers do not know they are on a collision course. Will they be happier?"

The Genius, Stephen Colbert.

Seeing as it is pencils down?

Border Security
by JadedMaple August 10, 2006
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the point at which any decision is made final and no "bright ideas" should be considered that would change the final decision
Person 1: "We are going to the beach for summer break."
Person 2: "That's great! I was also thinking we could stop at my parents house . . ."
Person 3: "And then we can go to our sorority sisters place for a visit . . ."
Person 1: "Whoa! All Pencils Down! The beach is our ONLY summer break destination."
by Myster_E April 29, 2013
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This here is the phrase Satan said when God and all his angels tried to stop him. this is the phrase that echoes through hell over the screams of all villains. This is the phrase that had the dinosaurs go extinct. This here, this very phrase, is the reason people cannot hear such high frequencies.
At one point in everybody's life, someone will experience the "pens pencils down". It is just like chickenpox, and whether or not you get it when your in a grade 8 math class with a teacher who's one goal is the cause you pain, you will get it at some point. Beware of this, because this in itself is a rite of passage. This in itself will cause you nightmares and pain beyond understanding. This is hell.
This phrase will catch you completely by surprise, in a time where you think there will be no need for quiet. However, as I have learned, there always is a lead. Be careful my good friends, and expect the unexpected because if you are not ready like I was, you will know the pain and suffering I went through.
Class: *chatting normally while the teacher does her thing*
Evil female looking math teacher with ruler weapon at hand: PENS PENCILS DOWN
Class: *crying in pain*
Stalin: *stands up unsteadily*...

No, you miss.
Evil female looking math teacher with ruler weapon at hand: *dies*
by March 22, 2018
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A Pencil in the hallway is when a man with a small to average sized penis engages in intercourse with a woman with a loose vagina.
"After she had her fifth kid, intercourse to her husband was like throwing a pencil down a hallway."
by Hentur March 8, 2014
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The act of putting a naked woman in a groundhog hole where her ass is out and you use it to sharpen your pencil dick and pour motor oil over back while riding a Wildebeest and it’s only legal if done in Philadelphia honoring the founding fathers
by Sax_killa54 January 22, 2023
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The deafening phrase used in the torturous chambers of a math class. This phrase is said while banging on the desk with a ruler, preferably breaking it, simply for the satisfaction gained from your pain. There is no annoyance like this one, as this will happen at any sudden moment. There is no reason behind why it is said, or if it is for specific situations. However all I know is after experiencing this, you will see the world for what it truly is. Beware.
Class: *Completely silent*
Teacher: *suddenly banging ruler on desk* PENS PENCILS DOWN
Class: *sobbing* Ms please, we are doing nothing wrong...
*ruler shatters*
Class: *dies*
by lesbiandad March 22, 2018
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