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1: I've got a peepie for you.
2: NO, no. I hate surprises.
1: Don't be such a douche. You know what fuck you. It was awesome and now you don't get to know what it is dick. Way to go. You shit on my heart.
2: Fine... go on with it.
1: You lost your chance. You get no more peepies ever. You done fucked up!
by dankmonkey April 11, 2013
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this here witherfore thine acteth of thee creampie whilst subsituting the creamyness of thine cumdiddly with thine everflowing urine from within thine bowels of thee gods!
so there i was sneakely peepieing this girl, and she found out she was totally down with it... DUDE!
by etiblefetus March 29, 2010
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