1. Someone who is cute, loving, caring, and very playful. One who enjoys fun with friends and others around them.

2.Someone with the aforementioned qualities
Sylvia " Look at that guy, he's so nice"
Samantha " Yes he's a regular fuzzball"
by Nerdboy March 23, 2005
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That really good feeling that tingles down below. Coined by musician Nathan Cavaleri on his twitch stream after he got particularly excited about a track he was laying down.

"ahh yeah. thats good. its giving me Fuzzballs"
by Qaizoku September 6, 2021
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Fuzz ball is Han Solo’s best line in the entire Star Wars trilogy FUCKIN FIGHT ME
Han Solo: Laugh it up Fuzzball
by BaneOfFools April 5, 2018
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After spunking on your partners face you then run your ball sack shavings into her face making it stick to the spunk!
Last night I fuzzballed the misses so she looked like Santa
by Nobby’s Nuts November 30, 2017
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