A game in which one playing member attempts to slap another playing member in the face after saying, "Pazooki!" If somebody says Pazooki and then fails to slap the other person across the face, that slap becomes live for five minutes, during which time any playing member can slap any other playing member without needing to say Pazooki. This game is a great way to have fun with your friends at appropriate times and extraordinarily piss off the person you are "Pazooki-ing" if you do so at an inappropriate time
Example One:

Person One: Pazooki, bitch! (slap)

Person Two: Goddamn it... Pazooki right back on you, asshole! (slaps, but misses)

Person One: You missed, that slap is live for five minutes... (slap)

Example Two:

Person One: Pazooki, bitch! (slap)

Person Two: Dude, my parents just died! You are an asshole for Pazooki-ing me right now!

Person One: ...
by cinimod97 May 30, 2013
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A hurried act of consumption, initially named after a hot dessert, where a food order arrives and is consumed before the individual that ordered said dessert is able to partake in its sweet or savory goodness. Typically, the meal is brought and consumed while purchaser steps away for a quick phone call to his sorry-ass girlfriend, or the bean dip ordered and eaten prior has slid through to persons small intestines thus causing a long and unexpected restroom break. The purchaser of consumed food will likely voice some distress but understand the retribution for absence at time of food arrival.
Don't pazooki the rest of my birthday cake!

I swear I had some Chinese food leftovers...who the hell pazookied my fridge?

Steve's not looking, lets pazooki the hell out out of his shrimp cocktail.
by Jobber67 December 03, 2010
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A deep-dish cookie that is the most delicious thing ever. Especially at BJs. It is correctly spelled as "Pizookie" but paZOOkie looks so much nicer. The capitalization of the "ZOO" in the middle indicates an emphasis on the pronunciation of those letters.
"Hey guys, it's that time of month again...scary movie and paZOOkie!"

"Oh my god you are so right Ron Shim"

"I know Alex. I always am."
by Ron Shim November 25, 2012
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After waiting in line for the bathroom for an hour at the Michael Bolton concert, Rachel pazookied.
by Red Velvet Pazookie August 25, 2011
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dick,pecker,penis,wanker Made from 15 year old cajun boy who had a little too much to drink
Dammit boy put your pazookie back in your pants!
by Scott August 26, 2004
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