It's that time of month for me. I'm gonna curl up in bed with chocolate and watch Grey's Anatomy
by kanger February 21, 2014
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Once a month, a woman's uterus begins to decay. It melts out as a dark red goop and after a week they grow a new uterus.
"My uterus just fell out and it looks like salsa"

"Oh, that means it's that time of month, get some tortilla chips"
by ADHD Jesus March 6, 2022
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A Farmer Is Told That His Celibate bull Will Go Sex-Mad If He Rubbs Some Cow's Fanny Juice Over The Bull's Nose. He Does So, And The Bull Gets At It Within Seconds. He Wonders If This Works With Humans, So That Night He Scoops Up Some Of His Wife's Juices And Rubs Them Over His Face. Within Seconds He Has A Massive Stiffy And So Wakes Up His Wife, Wanting To Give Her A Poking Like Never Before. She Takes One look At Him And Says, "YOU WAKE ME UP AT 3 IN THE MORNING TO TELL ME YOU'VE GOT A NOSEBLEED?!?!"
If The River Runs Red, Take The Dirt Track!
by <*}}}}>< September 5, 2003
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1. when it's time for a girl's menstrual cycle or period
2. the time when the wireless internet you are stealing from your neighbor becomes slow
1. guy 1: what's that on your leg
guy 2: oh i think it was my girlfriend's time of the month

guy 2: maybe cause you're stealing chris' wireless internet.. and it's his time of the month
by sleazeee November 17, 2009
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The time when a women has her period.
"God is she bitchy tonight. It must be that time of the month"
by Dana Mix August 18, 2003
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when a female is on her period.
"Ahh don't mind her it's just the time of the month for her."
by D-Monkey April 10, 2018
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