The act of inserting a cock into a woman who is on her period.
Hey Lara just put a towel down or get into the shower
Lara: r u sure ?
Lara; you might get a shrimp cocktail
by Daddywatchcaptain January 3, 2009
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Similar to shrimping: A form of podofilia (foot fetish)where one ejaculates on his toes and the other(s) sucks on said toes; the act of sucking on toes covered in cum.
Last night was fantastic and we ended it all with a shrimp cocktail.
by Stoneman January 8, 2008
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To soak your penis in a bucket of shrimp before having sex with a woman who is allergic to shellfish. the allergy will cause her openings to swell and tigthen for ultimate satisfaction.
I gave my girl a shrimp cocktail last night and she swelled up so nice and tight. I had to give her Benadryl when we were done so she could breathe again, though.
by poidog May 17, 2008
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a very short man who gets no punany
Steve tried to hook up with this blind chick but he couldn't because he is a shrimp cocktail.
by Bretty BeeBee May 16, 2008
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when u cum in a bitch when shes on her period and eat her out...
damn, amanda was being feisty last night but she loosened up after we had cocktails
by TOB fo eva January 25, 2005
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the use of a corpse's toe for anal erotica.
"I was working in the lab late one night
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
For my monster from his slab began to rise
And suddenly to my surprise...a shrimp cocktail!"
by ScreaminCreamer December 16, 2007
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How a woman refers to a first-time lover with a less-than-average endowment.
Gina: "How was your date?" Alexandra: "Conversation over dinner was awesome but later I was severely disappointed when he shed his Calvins and served me up a shrimp cocktail."
by machBailz May 3, 2007
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