A lovable man who supports social justice causes. LGBTQ+ rights, feminism, climate activism, and BLM are all major concerns of his.
I’m going with Payce to a trump rally tomorrow. We’re going to protest those fascists!
by GayPerson1278 June 26, 2022
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It is the way a wigger (wiggah) /chigger (chiggah), a person who lacks racial confidence/pride in his own race and depends on identity upon trying to be something he's not (like being black), says "Peace" in order to seem black.
John CHAN "Waddup my hot DAWG?!"
Jason SMITH "Not too much mah Niggah! PAYCCCCE!!"

Terry O'NEIL "Um. Are you ignorant blasphamuses trying to replicated my black heritage? Is that mockery I smell a foot? Let me kindly... CAP YO ASS"

*bang bang*

Terry: "PAYCE. fools"
by Aduras September 4, 2004
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It is a way to say "I'm out" of a conversation when you are chatting online. Another way of saying "Peace" or "Duece", but being chill about it. And, chill / laid back now a days seem to be reflected by the word "Payce".

This has nothing to do with someone trying to impersonate a Black person, its the attitude / emotion being replicated.

Jeremy: "Say I got a lot of work to do. I'm out"
Jeremy: "Payce"
Kevin: "Later"
by Shotgun Silver December 1, 2005
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same thing as peace. but said in a different way,louder.
yo, i gota go so PAYCEEE.
by Rabberzz November 24, 2006
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Variation of peace, meaning bye, im out, or later.
by Anonymous March 14, 2003
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Just a different way of saying peace. It's just said louder, and is pronounced "PACE"

and Aduras is a penis tip
tyrone: i gotta go, PAYCE!(peace)
william:i gotta go, PAYCE!(peace)
ching: i gotta go, PAYCE!(peace)
by ImRight September 16, 2007
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