hot piece of ass,has an amazing mustache, females find him irresistible, a fantastic runner with strong sexy legs, the most amazing best friend anyone could ask for and an extremely loving person. Major in Business minor in SEX ED.
Paulino is a sexy papas
by lilmama521 September 30, 2010
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The supporters of São Paulo Football Club. One of the biggest teams with a large amount of loyal supporters, in Brazil.

The "average" são-paulino, justify your adoration for this club, because it is the most successful brazilian team, when challenging international championships and cups. That is what makes any são-paulino proud.

Your arch-rivals in São Paulo City football scenario, are Palmeiras F.C.; Corinthians S.C.P.; and Santos F.C.
Because of the São Paulo F.C. international success and recognition, is commom for the S.P.F.C. supporters, to receive and hear absurd insults from other team's supporters.
Corinthiano: Hey, you Bambi!
São-Paulino: What...?
Corinthiano: How is your "BirdCage"?
São-Paulino: Well, We still missing a decent place to expose our new trophy, from the Libertadores-05's conquest. Do you have any of these trophies?
Corinthiano: .......(none, damn)
by Jeff Jung July 14, 2006
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Some rich nigga with a big dick that's diamond 3 in league of legends and LEM in csgo and can fuck yo bitch while your sister juggles his nuts in her mouth. GG l2p
Damn he Miguel Paulino me. He outplayed me in a 1v1 and fucked my sister and my bitch at the same time.
by WetPussyFromDaBronx August 2, 2015
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The literal best person on this planet :) the most supportive and beautiful person I’ve ever met <3
I love Nalani Alyssa Paulino so much! She’s the best!
by caitlinnnnnnnnnn May 12, 2019
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Sexiest Guitarist, with the boots with the fur. Fought a tiger once. Tap dance king and ice cream king. Likes long walks on the beach (sometimes)
Its all fun and games til I Donovan Weakley Paulino you!
by Yosefa Jaquorfis July 7, 2020
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Donovan Paulino - Sexiest Man Alive, Chick Magnet. Name is not Dominic
Ex. That guy Donovan is a sexy man. All the girls like him
by Yosefa Jaquorfis April 27, 2020
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