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The modern day "Paul Revere" is a way of notifying fellow citizens at a social gathering of sexual conquests you have just made with a drunken whore. Upon exiting the sex arena, and returning to a party with said whore upon your arm, you either throwing up one finger-vagina, or two- ass, indicating which orafice you penetrated, to forewarn your bros of the possible angles of attack. Several variations exist depending on levels of sexual deviance, perhaps 2 being ass to mouth, or bondage. Nonetheless, it requires mutual understanding among all citizenry to be effective.
*Frat bro Joey walks down stairs with stumbling sorority girl, confidently waving two fingers to any brother he sees*

Chad- "Ohh shit, 2 if by rear, Paul Revere rides onn"

* hi five ensues*

Joey- " helll yeaa bro, you better tap that before we battle on her bunker hill again...."

* Brief period of confusion...*

Joey-" ..Yea... just fuck her in the ass, shes down."

Chad- "Ohhhh, word bro."
by boners mcgee November 18, 2009
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Hey dude, we are running low on Beer, Im gonna make a Paul Revere, be back in 30.
by DGarrett November 08, 2009
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to fuck a girl in the ass while recieving a piggy back from your woman.
"kelsi was bein a bitch last night so i forced her into the paul revere"
by kewp August 28, 2006
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When a male is having anal sex with a muscular big female. He sits on her biack and has anal sex with her while she is on all fours walking around on the bed. When the male is about to cum he screams "The British Are Cumming, The British are Cumming."
Guy 1 : "Hey i rode that girl so hard last night"
Guy 2 : "Did you do the Paul Revere??"
Guy 1 : "Of Course Bro"
by Demosthenes1836 February 02, 2011
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A sexual practice in which one lights a lantern and inserts it into the vaginal cavity of a female. The vaginal lips are then parted when the menstrual cycle begins, shining a light onto an otherwise dark room as a sign of warning against the "Red Coats".
Yeah, I guess i should have guessed that I'd get a bad case of blood-cock when she gave me the Paul Revere.
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v. - To slap a woman on the face with your dick, while wearing a small camp lantern on your cockhead, then yelling "The British Are Coming!" See also - Mushroom Slap
Jenna was giving me a shitty blowjob, so i put on the lantern and Paul Revered her ugly face
by Bizznizkavki November 05, 2006
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1. (noun) When some loud-mouth learns about a secret and tells anyone who will listen.

2. (noun) More specifically, when someone ruins a surprise.
1. Guy: Deina told me that you're cheating on your boyfriend.

Girl: Goddamnit! She is such a Paul Revere.

2. Stefan's friends: Surprise, Stefan!!!

Stefan: Sorry guys. Ashley told me about the birthday party. I didn't ask her to pull a Paul Revere, but some people just want to have something to talk about.
by Little__Chicken December 06, 2010
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