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Patryks' are warm hearted, caring and kind.

With the origin of the name coming from Poland, Patryks' are very family orientated people and always put family and loved ones first.

They have the warmest smiles and hugs and will do whatever it takes in their power to make you feel happy.

They are silly and cheeky and have the most wild sense of humour but it can never stop making you laugh.

Patryks' are tall, dark and handsome with big juicy tender lips and dark brown eyes. When they hold you in an embrace its warm and strong and makes it feel like all time stops.

Patryks' are one of a kind lovers. If they fall in love with you, they fall in love hard. They do not cheat of mess around, they are loyal, faithful and honest.

They can be sensitive on occasion and it is at these times that you handle them with care and make them feel as loved as they are.

They will spoil you rotten but do not resist because it makes them feel good doing so.

If you are lucky enough to find a Patryk in your life, never let them leave, because you will not find anyone like them ever .

Their kisses are one of a kind, tender, loving, and sweet, but also deep, passionate and sexy.

Patryk's are adventure lovers. They love the smell of campfire, the sound of a rushing waterfall, the smell of the earth after a rain. In general they just have a seeking love for nature.
Person- i just met an amazing guy.

person 2. ooh what was his name?

person- Patryk.

Person 2. oooooh , yeah keep him he must be one of a kind
by rayofsunlight April 14, 2015
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an amazing guy, who has the most random comments at times ,and is really good looking. he is just a generally awesome person <3
by meow..... January 07, 2012
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A motherfucking sexy delight, with a ass finer than the finest gold.
Nicknames Patrykitty, Patrykitten, Patryass, etc.
Stacy: Damn, Patryks got a fine ass!
Rayna: Hell yeah!
Patryk: Nopls
by NekoChann January 08, 2015
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Future millionaire! Fuck all you hating jealous nobodies. You're all going to hell. You should have stayed on my good side
You can't spell party without Patryk
by THE PATRYK March 19, 2019
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A fucking wanker who follows everyone everywhere in school and cries when there not hos friend, unblocks them on socials when he finds out hes got nobody to talk with over the holidays. ๐Ÿ‘
Me - Patryk stop following me
(Pray for me please)
by FuckUPatryk August 30, 2019
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a very gay kid that kisses boys without them saying he could and he is gay with his brother
patryk went in the bed...
by 123 you cant see me March 10, 2019
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A fucking wanker who ignores his girlfriend
him-" I can't talk to you today sorry, I'm busy" *plays crappy video game*
Patryk is just a gamer
by Me oh oh oh October 21, 2018
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