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Oma Gawd here comes mah girl Patrycja
by Cupcake12556 February 14, 2017
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Patrycja is an amazingly smart, hot beautiful girl who cares about everyone and never gives up she is a fighter and knows what she wants. Patrycja always gives it her all at anything whether it's something she loves to something she hats and while always make sure that she's done everything that she can. She's has an amazing smile that lights up anyone's day and often makes the men and woman around her just drown in happiness her bubbly personality is also draws people towards her. All the men around her just simply fall in love with her but watch out if you do something to tick her off she can go off on you but she is very quick to calm down. Of course men just can't stay away so if you want her you'll have to be prepared to get your hands dirty.
Oma gosh that girl is such a Patrycja and I love it"

"Look at Patrycja over there rocking that dress"
by H3110M4N90p October 27, 2018
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1) straight up home G wit mad fizzle
2) sexy polak
3) stupid blonde
4) sexable
5) strip dancer
ayyyy look it's mah patrycja!
by sexy184 January 10, 2008
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a prick who makes you look through 94 pages of definitions just to say i never made it

if you ever see a

Patrycja than beat the crap out of her
when i saw a

Patrycja i beat her up
by abigboy1234567890 February 19, 2019
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