A really cute, smart, nice guy that would do anything to make you happy. He is also very competitive, since he is an athlete. If you tell him he can't do something, he will prove to you that he can. But you can never lie to him. His gorgeous eyes will make your heart melt and every time you want to talk to him, it just melts you. When it comes to relationships, he is the best guy to be with. He will make you giggle when you're feeling down, giggle even if you're happy, and just anything to see you happy. His hugs are so comforting and make you feel protective.
Patrick is the cutest
by Dr.Snuggles November 29, 2017
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Patrick is a very likeable guy. Girls swoon over him, not because of his looks, but because of his kindness. Many say that his smile is the best part about him. He would be a great boyfriend, as he is mature and respectful... at least around the lucky girl. Patrick’s greatest weakness is how he acts when he’s with his guy friends. He tends to become reckless, and because he wants to please everyone, he may even get in trouble now and then just to prove his loyalty. However, it is easy to look past this side of him to see the wonderfully pleasant guy Patrick is. He’s also a good worker/student, and is almost always productive. Overall he is intelligent, kind, funny, sweet, empathetic, and loyal. Patrick is a great guy to get to know.
Patrick is a friendly guy that everyone loves.
by AllNames February 09, 2019
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PERFECTION. Amazing human being brought to this planet to brighten the lives of anyone he meets. An attractive male that many tend to stare at. Was gifted with the world's most beautiful eyes ever. One may even get hypnotized by the beauty of his eyes. He's the funniest individual you shall ever have the honor in meeting. Has the ability to make people fall in love with him by simply smiling with that gorgeous smile of his. Any female that encounters him instantly dreams of having him by their side. Other males envy him for being so damn attractive and charming. He's also a crime-fighting hero, who wouldn't love this guy
All the guys around here wish they were Patrick
by Boogerbutt May 17, 2013
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An amazing, wonderful, attractive guy who can be extremely sweet at times! He is very smart and talented. He'll make you smile when you're upset and he'll never let you down. Also, there is this one girl who loves him more than anything in the world and he always makes her smile!
Patrick, you are amazing!
by No.... January 17, 2014
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All around perfect man and a sexy beast. Known to cause even the most loyal of girls to turn on their boyfriends. Talented with music, words, and kills in any sport he plays. Strong like bull. Always competitive, and ALWAYS wins what he competes in. Some consider to be on the status of not only a god, but THE God.
"Damn, my girl got snatched..."
"Kick his ass dude!"
"Nah man... it was Patrick bro"
"Awww shit... leave it alone, that fucker will kill you"

"I didn't know Jesus went to this school"
"Nah dude... that guy right there, that's Patrick. But they are easily confused"
by wootSvenwoot April 14, 2008
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The love of your life. The guy who's eyes you could just stare into all day. The guy who teases you and plays with your fingers. The guy who promised he'd love you forever and writes you love notes. The boy who makes you feel like a princess. The boy who everyone knows for his humor and sarcastic comments. If you have patrick, take care of him because he's something special. You won't forget him. I promise.
You are so lucky you have Patrick!
by Inlovewithyoulalala August 05, 2013
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A fan-fucking-tastic human being. Not always the smartest, but hilarious. Doesn't give 2 flying fucks. Has beautiful eyes, a huge sense of humor, and isn't scared to be himself. Big troublemaker in school, teachers hate him (especially in ELA) and he hates teachers. He's the type of guy who can make a window funny. He's into skating and guitar, and does his homework at 9 P.M. Don't fuck with him or his family and friends, he'll beat the living shit outta you.
Someone: Who's the funniest or craziest kid you know?
Patrick's Friend: Patrick, for sure.
Patrick: *walks in retardedly* Sah dude
by grace.gawdnuh November 21, 2016
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