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A cured, spiced cut of meat, most commonly beef, enjoyed by all around the world and available at a delicatessen near you.
I named my daughter Pastrami on accident. We meant to name her La'Strami but we can't spell too good.
by Dantrelle February 06, 2008
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As my brother once defined it when I asked him where pastrami meat came from... the meat comes from a bird, it's like a turkey, only bigger, and it's native to the outback of Australia!
Lindsey: "Hey Andy, where does pastrami meat come from?"
Andy: "You've never heard of a pastrami?"
Lindsey: "You mean it's an animal???"
Andy: "Yeah, it's kinda like a turkey, only bigger. They're native to the outback in Australia."
Lindsey: "Why do you have to lie? Wikipedia says it's cured beef... BROTHERS!"
by Lindy Lou August 19, 2008
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1. n. this awesome fatty sliced meat that tastes funky.

2. adj. A person or persons who look like they have been hit by a car, or a big black guy.

3. A fat woman's ass.
1. "wow, this pastrami is mmmm... mmmm... good."

2. "Wow, you look like overdone pastrami, homestar."

3. "What in the hell are you talking about? That's a nasty pastrami ass, if I have ever seen one."
by Exodus April 28, 2004
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