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A color so bright its not a color it becomes a way of life
This is so pastel its not even a color
by Megan Spooner July 14, 2003
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when something is so amazing you have to use a more colorful word to describe it.
did you see that dance move? it was so pastel.
by jonny t-shirt April 26, 2009
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Pastel is a color that surpasses every other color while looking super cute and happy. Just take any color and add some white to it making it a little lighter! That's where Pastel colors come from! Just like baby blue
Tallen: "That onesie is so cute, I love the colors! They're so light and cute!!!"

Him: "I know, pastel colors are the best, definitely when feeling sad too. They just happy loving color! "
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by PastelCrystals January 16, 2017
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a term referring to high school, soon-to-be college frat boys who possess the confidence to wear pastel, button-down shirts in an effort to show off their year-round tans achieved through their jet-setting parents who travel frequently throughout the year to exotic destinations most people only dream about.
I witnessed Brittany hanging with a group of pastels at the high school pep rally.
by pubjunkie February 27, 2016
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Insult meaning Washed up and Weak. note* this is the most insulting word ever so be please careful
Ex. (insert name*) Is a Pastel

chum you pastel how dare you
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by XXXOXIAO July 29, 2016
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"go some spoons(lax sticks) in my closet....gotta get rid of some of those pastels"
by Brantford May 21, 2009
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