Pastel is a color that surpasses every other color while looking super cute and happy. Just take any color and add some white to it making it a little lighter! That's where Pastel colors come from! Just like baby blue
Tallen: "That onesie is so cute, I love the colors! They're so light and cute!!!"

Him: "I know, pastel colors are the best, definitely when feeling sad too. They just happy loving color! "
by PastelCrystals January 17, 2017
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Referring to the texture of skid marks left in the toilet bowl after taking a large, sticky dump of high viscosity - similar to the “oily” or sometimes “gummy” texture left on an art canvas when drawing with crayon-like pastel art sticks.
“Nicole! You left you’re pastels in the toilet again... you need to remember to flush more than once!! Why don’t you eat some spinach or something!”
by Rusty Violin 🎻 January 5, 2021
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A color so bright its not a color it becomes a way of life
This is so pastel its not even a color
by Megan Spooner July 14, 2003
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A color so washed out, that it's really light. And it's soooo adorable. For instance, Easter colors.
Man your room looks so soft and pastel!
by Elliot_the_pastel_llama042706 September 8, 2017
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Insult meaning Washed up and Weak. note* this is the most insulting word ever so be please careful
Ex. (insert name*) Is a Pastel

chum you pastel how dare you
by XXXOXIAO March 13, 2016
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When you’ve never went outside and touched grass and your white.
You have such a pastel dick!
Yeah, I just play call of duty in my room all day.
by Bill cosby’s boyfriend June 13, 2023
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Dude look at your dog that run made him so tired hes Pastel as fuck
by Mcgruff the dog January 19, 2010
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